Middle School

Rooms 305 and 321

Room 313

Photo of Classroom 313
Room 313 staff: Joe Fields, Becky Edmondson, Sheela Saidi


Becky Edmondson

Years teaching:  

7 years


Longwood University

About Becky

Becky enjoys Coaching and playing basketball, playing sports and drumming.  

She says, "I am very excited to teach for my 8th year at Key Center School. I am thrilled to help my students explore a world of opportunities."

Classroom Wish List

Clorox Wipes, instruments, paint, paint brushes, cause and effect toys

Room 321


Carolyn Tran

Carolyn Tran's classroom staff
Room 321 Staff:   Carolyn Tran, Akberet Endrias, Ocba Tsegay

Years teaching:  

4 years


B.S.: James Madison University; MEd:  George Mason University

About Carolyn

Carolyn is from Burke, VA and this is her 4th year at Key Center. Carolyn enjoys reading, traveling and arts and crafts. Carolyn say,  "I have been at Key Center since 2015. I enjoy teaching because I love interacting with the students and seeing their growth and progress."

Wish List

  • clorox wipes, baby wipes
  • sensory items such as play-doh, bead necklaces, and shaving cream