Time Pop

Studying 20th century history - one decade at a time

So far this year,  students in Time Pop have been learning all about the decades of the 1910s and the 1920s! They have studied fashion trends, popular music and dances (they even learned the waltz and the Charleston!), exciting inventions like the assembly line and the band-aid, and major events such as World War I and the ratification of the 19th Amendment. The students have also had the opportunity to create their very own art deco inspired paintings which were so popular in the 1920s! It was so fun and the students all created masterpieces! Time Pop will be moving on to more fun and interesting decades, progressing through the timeline of pop culture history!!


Studio teacher Becky Fernandes
Time Pop Teacher Jody Stewart

Jody Stewart

Years Teaching



Michigan State University

George Mason University


Jody loves to shop, go hiking with her family, visit museums, and travel.  Jody says, "This is my second year teaching at Key Center and I absolutely LOVE it!!"

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