Learning and expressing through music, art and theater.

In Studio, Key Center students learn and express themselves through the arts while exploring the uniqueness of the many cultures in our ever changing world.

  • They complete hands-on art activities to help them explore the styles and techniques of artists from different cultures. The art activities give students the chance to continue working on their choice-making and fine motor skills.
  • Students learn different music and dance styles from current and past cultures from around the world.
  • They participate in multiple listening activities and play different instruments and are given the opportunity to express if they like or dislike the music they are exposed to.
  • In theater activities, students work on their communication and social skills with acting exercises. They explore different emotions while performing for audiences.

Studio brings out the inner artists and performers of Key Center’s amazing and uniquely gifted students.


Studio teacher Becky Fernandes
Studio teacher Becky Fernandes

Becky Fernandes

Years Teaching



Longwood University


Becky is from Alexandria, VA.  In addition to teaching at Key Center, she coaches basketball for Bishop O'Connell High School.  Becky says, "I am excited for my 6th year teaching at Key Center School. This year will be my 3rd year teaching a specials class. My goal is to expose students to multiple forms of expression. I very much enjoy seeing students discover new interests and abilities though exploration of the arts."

Wish List

  • Children books about music, art, dance or theater
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paint Markers
  • Jumbo crayons
  • Costumes
  • Instruments