Sensory Modulation Environment Initiative

What is a Multi-Sensory Environment?

Children with special needs are frequently unable to interact with their environment in the same way that their typically developing peers are - due to physical limitations, cognitive limitations or autism. This inability to interact with their environment also deprives them of the routine multi-sensory stimulation that children get as a result of the simple pleasures of childhood - running, jumping, playing with peers. Multi Sensory Environments can allow students with disabilities to transcend these barriers. Such an environment generates a relaxing and calming effect, but also activates different perception areas aimed at basal stimulation for those who are neurologically impaired. Research has shown that time spent in a Multi Sensory Environment can

  • increase concentration
  • focus attention
  • improve alertness
  • awaken memories
  • improve mobilization
  • stimulate creativity
  • help develop social relations
  • promote general awareness of the surrounding world
  • ...and be just plain fun.

Stimuli present

  • Optical
  • Acoustic
  • Olfactory
  • Tactile

What is our plan?

We have already begun fund raising and are now on the road to procuring the needed funds.

Next Steps

This school year our focus will be on

  • Developing a design plan 
  • Identifying a location within the school
  • Completing a Project Plan/Timeline
If you are unable to attend any of our fundraising events, but would still like to support this effort, you can donate using the button below: