In School Jobs

So many opportunities to learn life skills

Students selling cookiesCookie Sales

Once a week, students make chocolate chip cookies and then travel around the building selling them.  

Skills Developed
Making Cookies Selling Cookies
Sequencing Social skills
Staying on task Money/Counting
Following directions Fine motor
Setting a timer Verbal language


Student with laundry cart
Laundry delivery


Key Center generates about 20 loads of laundry per day.  The 18 - 22 program took on the job of doing laundry for the school. Working with staff, students collect soiled laundry which the classrooms place in bins outside their door at designated times.  They place the laundry in the washing machines, add detergent, set the cycle and then place clean, wet laundry in the dryers. Once done, it is yet another job to fold and deliver clean laundry.

Student operating switch activated pouring machine
Student using switch operated pouring machine.

Another side job related to this is packaging laundry detergent.  The students do this with the help of staff and a switch operated "pouring" machine.







Two students sorting for recycling


Key Center has a robust recycling program.  Recycling containers are spread throughout the school.  Students are responsible for emptying the containers and sorting the items - between plastic and metal.

We also collect used cans.  We can crush the cans then sell them to Atlantic Metals.  Money collected from this activity goes to support classroom activities and rewards.