By the Numbers

Understanding who we are

Key Center Pertinent Information

This information does not appear in our school profile, but is critical to understanding the challenges we face in educating our students.

  • 18% of our students have verbal language skills
  • 47% of our students are ambulatory
  • 100% of our students have IEP's and receive programming for Intellectual Disabilities - Severe
  • The majority of our students are the emergent level of literacy
  • Many of our students have serious medical concerns (seizures, suction, g-tube, oxygen saturation, insulin, mealtime concerns, orthopedic supports etc.)
  • 15% of our students require 1:1 nursing services in order to attend and participate in school
  • 21% of our students have active Behavior Intervention Plans
  • 35% of our students receive vision services
  • 73% of our students receive occupational therapy
  • 50% of our students receive physical therapy
  • 98% of our students receive assistive technology support
  • 84% of our students receive speech therapy
  • 6% of our students receive hearing services
  • 42% of students receive ESOL services
  • Student success is highly dependent on intensive staff support and every student participates in an adapted curriculum.
  • Our Paraprofessional to Teacher ratio is 2:1