2019 - 2020 School Improvement and Innovation Plan

Outcomes for this academic school year

School Improvement & Innovation Plan At A Glance

2019 - 2020

Key Center School| Fairfax County Public Schools | Region 3

Caring Culture

Key Center will demonstrate cultural responsiveness by having family and student awareness of and/or participation in school events increase by 10% above baseline.


1. A preliminary survey will be developed and sent home to all families to assess:

  • Family preferences regarding types and timing of school events
  • Obstacles to family involvement in school events
  • Cultural factors affecting family relationships with the school
  • Comfort with and Preferences for greater involvement with the school

2. Survey results will be tallied, and events and communication strategies will be planned according to parent feedback.


Access and Opportunity

A target group of students in grades 9-11 will increase the frequency with which they successfully use technology (FCPS provided laptop with appropriate assistive technology) to access curriculum or other materials by 10% above baseline.


  • Identify the students preferred method of access and appropriate supports
  • Identify the most appropriate setting and programs
  • Provide students with individualized instruction

Premiere Workforce

Teachers will demonstrate increased use of instructional best practices in one target area by increasing a minimum of one level from baseline on a standard rubric.


  • A survey will be sent to teachers to identify focus areas for increased use or implementation of best practices in IDS instruction.
  • Develop and employ a standard checklist/rubric that teachers will use while participating in peer observations.
  • Quarterly Professional Development opportunities will be developed and implemented based on needs identified in classroom observations.