Adapted Aquatics

Learning occurs everywhere

The Adapted Aquatics program is incorporated in the Adapted Physical Education Program here at Key Center. Each classroom is scheduled for 45 minutes per week of swim time. Students have an opportunity to swim on a rotating basis through the classroom teacher. Key Center's swimming facility is a hydrotherapy pool which is kept at 95 degrees and air temp set at 80 degrees. The pool is maintained according to Fairfax County Health Department Pool and Spa regulations.

Our students benefit from the aquatics program in the following ways:

  • increases breathing technique.
  • develops range of motion for the body and limbs.
  • promotes muscle relaxation.
  • helps promote balance.
  • helps students working on walking skills because of increased resistance.
  • assists with mobility for those students who cannot move under normal conditions.
  • teaches basic swimming skills.

Some psychological benefits include:

  • stress relief.
  • develops confidence around water.
  • gives opportunity to interact with peers.

Our pool gives all our students an opportunity to receive these benefits that therapy water conditions offer. It has been and will be an important part of the Key Center Program.