Working to develop strong life skills

a student in a wheelchair delivers a cookie to a teacherThe Vocational Program prepares students ages 14 (or in 8th grade) to 22 for future employment. Students are involved in on-and-off site training. The on-site training occurs in the vocational workshop and throughout the school building. In the workshop setting students engage in materials-handling activities along with sorting, assembling, and packaging tasks. Students also operate school-based businesses as part of Key Cafe.  Each class has a different Key Cafe focus including: coffee, bread, muffins, and cookies.

Students also complete a variety of in-school jobs such as folding pool towels, and collecting cans/plastic bottles/paper for recycling. Students also receive training in the community to reinforce work readiness skills such as following directions, staying on task, asking for help when necessary, and completing assigned tasks. Our community work experience sites include:

  • Key Middle School Clinic
  • Animal Welfare League of Alexandria
  • Milano's Family Restaurant

Middle School students participate in a Pre-Vocational Program. This program involves on-site training in the vocational workshop and throughout the school building. 

Elementary students participate in structured simulations in their classrooms to help develop and reinforce skills used in everyday life. Students practice various activities of daily living such as folding laundry and sorting silverware. 

For detailed information about Vocational services with Fairfax County, visit the FCPS Career and Transition Services site.