Animal Assisted Instruction Program Receives Donation from Dowd's Crowd

Capital's player charity supports Key Center Instructional program

By Key Center Staff
April 14, 2022

Key Center School was the recipient of a donation in the amount of $1,500 from Dowd's Crowd.  Dowd's Crowd is a charity, run by Capital's player Nic Dowd and his wife, Paige.  The Dowds created Dowd's Crowd in 2018 to provide the opportunity for children with sensory needs to be able to attend Capitals games. Through the program, fans receive tickets and a Dowd's Crowd branded sensory kit. The Dowds were inspired to launch the program due to Paige's education in Speech Pathology in college.

Key Center representatives were invited to attend the Capital's game on April 3rd, 2022.  The school's Animal Assisted Instruction program was highlighted during a break.  Information about the program was shared with attendees via the arena Jumbotron. 

Many thanks to Dowd's Crowd, the Capitals for your support of our Animal Assisted Instruction program.  

We are also grateful for the on-going dedication of of Animal Assisted Instruction team from Smiit Dog, Inc.- Kris Campesi and Micah.

This opportunity was created through the effort of our wonderful PTA president, Dave Gillum- thank you!