A Teratophoneus Comes to Key Center

...well, at least its skull

By Nicole Bracken
Photo Gallery
November 21, 2017

Wow! It's not everyday you get to see a full-size dinosaur skull up close and personal!

One of our former parents, Deb Tinker, entered Key Center in a National Fossil day raffle sponsored by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. Amazingly enough we won!

The skull - which is actually a full size museum quality cast of a skull of a Teratophoneus (a cousin to the Tyrannnosaurus Rex) was presented to us by Dr. Cathy Forster from George Washington University and Dr. Scott Foss, Senior Paleontologist with the Bureau of Land management. Cathy did a presentation to the students on the history of this particular dinosaur - where it lived, where it was found, and how it came to be in our building - and then let the students come and examine it. 

We are so thankful to Ms. Tinker for entering us in the contest and to Dr. Forster and Dr. Foss for coming to visit and helping us learn about this unique piece of science and history.

Never a dull day at Key Center!