Gallery Walk

Key Center students show off their hard work

By Nicole Bracken
Photo Gallery
May 22, 2018

In Studio this year students have been learning about the 7 elements of art. For a wrap up activity students got the opportunity to paint on their own individual canvases. Each student made the choice on which art element they wanted to paint. They also made choices on different colors, shapes, lines, textures and 3-Dimensional objects they wanted to use for their painting. It was amazing to see how each one turned out so UNIQUE!

Students also participated in a weaving activity this quarter. As an introduction we read the book Abuela’s Weave and learned all about the process of weaving. Students of each class made choices on which cloth they wanted to use for the Warp and the Weft. Each student got the opportunity to, as independently as possible, weave on a loom!

Class’ weavings and students’ canvases were displayed in the gallery walk that took place at Family Fun Night!  We have some AWESOME artists at Key Center School!