Staff Spotlight- Aimee Rand

March 29, 2023
Aimee and family at Epcot
Aimee with her family at Epcot Center

This is Aimee's fifteenth year at Key Center School.  Prior to moving to the Fairfax County area, she worked as a school Speech Language Pathologist in the San Diego area.  When asked what she enjoys about working at Key Center, Aimee reported that she likes working with people who are willing to take risks to find creative solutions for student progress.  

Aimee with her son and foster puppies
Aimee with Evan and some of their foster puppies

Aimee is married and has two children. Her daughter, Emily, is seventeen years old and her son, Evan, is twelve years old.  The family enjoys camping and fostering pets for the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.  Over the years, they have fostered more than fifty puppies and kittens.  They are currently fostering a dog and her five puppies.  She invites you to contact her if you are interested in adopting a small breed dog!


Aimee with a quilt she made
Aimee with a quilt that she created for a fundraising project

Another of Aimee's interests is quilting.  She has put her quilting skills to good use at Key Center.  Not only has Aimee created quilts for fundraising efforts, she has involved the students in quilting projects, using a switch adapted sewing machine!