Staff Spotlight- Jeannette Mitchell

May 10, 2023
JMitchell family
Jeannette's family with  their nephew in Guatemala

Jeannette is the Public Health Nurse who manages the daily operations of our clinic.  This is her first year as our nurse at Key Center School.  Prior to being hired by the Fairfax County Health Department and placed at our school, she was a pediatric emergency department nurse for five years.  Before that she worked as a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse at Children's National Hospital for eleven years. 


JMitchell 2
Jeannette with her husband and daughter.

Jeannette's favorite thing about working at Key Center is the team atmosphere.  She appreciates the relationships that the staff have built with their students.  She routinely observes that staff understands and appreciates student strengths and interests, and uses this information to best meet student needs.  


Jeannette's dog, Bella

Jeannette is married and has a daughter, Meghan, who is seven years old.  She also has four stepchildren (triplet stepdaughters: Sarah, Tatiana & Alyssa who are twenty five years old and Tyler who is twenty seven years old). Their family has two dogs: Naia (six years old) and Bella (nine months old).




Jeannette's dog, Naia