Staff Spotlight- Katie Huynh

May 17, 2023
Katie family
Katie with her family at home

Katie is one of our Speech Language Pathologists.  This is her ninth year providing services to students at Key Center School.  She has worked for FCPS for nineteen years.  Prior to coming to FCPS, she provided speech language services for early intervention and homecare.  Katie enjoys the interactions with her Key Center co-workers and students.  She says that these relationships are what keep her coming back to Key Center year after year.  Katie enjoys being part of a large team of related service providers, which isn’t always the situation at other schools. She also likes that the Key Center teachers are always willing to share ideas and data to help students reach their communication potential.

Katies Peyton
Katie and Peyton on vacation

When not at work, Katie enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, trying new recipes, and visiting the beach.  Katie has one daughter, Peyton, who will be fourteen this month (she was in kindergarten when Katie started working at Key Center!) and two dogs- Duncan and Scout. Most of Katie's family lives in Rhode Island and she visits there frequently.