Staff Spotlight- Laura Taylor

November 09, 2022

Laura with familyLaura has been working in education off and on (due to being a military spouse and frequent moves) since the 2006-2007 school year. She has also had the opportunity to advocate for children of friends and family during my off years. This is Laura's fifth year working for Fairfax County Public Schools.  She is a graduate of Coastal Carolina University with a BS in Psychology (2004). She then continued her education at Radford University to obtain an M.S. in Psychology and an Ed.S. in School Psychology (2007).  This is Laura's fourth year at Key Center's school psychologist.  She enjoys the collaborative environment at Key Center and notes that school staff is always willing work together and help each other out, when necessary.  Laura also likes seeing so many Key Center students with smiles on their faces!

Laura with Kids

When not at work, Laura enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She likes cooking and baking, especially during the holidays.  When time and life allow, she enjoys reading and crafting. Laura is a strong advocate, she enjoys advocating for those who cannot, or do not know how to, advocate for themselves.  Laura been married to her husband, Jason, for 14.5 years. Recently, Jason retired from the US Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. They have two children: Kaiya (9 years old, 3rd grade) and Wyatt (6 years old, 1st grade). They value spending time as a family, eating meals together, cooking, going on nature hikes/walks, exploring new parks, reading together, playing board games, and playing video games.

Laura with  Husband