Help us Fund the Love at Key Center

Partnering for the future.

These files are an informational brochure on Key Center and the pledge cards to accompany the Fund the Love initiative.



Dear Key Center family,

We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful place to send our kids every day.  We know that they will be well-taught, well-cared for and most importantly, well-loved.  Our school, and the needs of our children and staff, are unique.  Animal-assisted instruction, sensory room development, mobility and physical positioning equipment, communication devices and adaptations, etc…are all wonderful elements of the Key Center experience. 

The reality, though, is that these features of the educational programming have traditionally been funded via annual fundraising events organized by staff members, or through occasional large donations made by past Key Center alumni families.  This means that every year Key Center is faced with the task of raising thousands of dollars in order to provide the types of wonderful academic/social activities and programs that our children love and from which they benefit.

I would like to propose a different approach.  Instead of solely looking for donations at one time events, we would like to develop on-going partnerships with people and businesses who have a heart for the mission and character of the families and staff at Key Center. 

The thought is that we will ask potential supporters if they might commit to donating $50/year for the next 3 years.  Fifty dollars seems like a reasonably small amount of money for someone to donate per year, and certainly the opportunity is there for those who would wish to give more.  The three-year commitment just helps Key Center with predictability of yearly available funds as well as cementing the idea of the creation of a partnership with donors.

What is our easiest way to begin?  It seems that with our 70-80 KC families plus the 50-60 staff members that we have in our overall Key Center “family”, we might each have at least one person in our lives who would enjoy contributing toward our kids and Key Center’s daily mission.  A relative, friend, neighbor, co-worker…someone or some business that maybe has always wanted to help in some way but hasn’t had the opportunity or did not know of our need. 

If all of us just found 1 person or business to join as a partner for $50 a year for three years, we could really begin a meaningful financial program for the present as well as the future of Key Center.  Some of us might even know 4 or 5 people that would want to join in!

Above this letter are a brochure and two pledge cards for you to share.  We certainly have more cards for you to use if you know more people or businesses that would feel compelled to support our mission here at Key Center.  Thank you, in advance, for joining in on this effort to Fund the Love that happens at Key Center everyday!

Dave Gillum - PTA President    (703) 975-9359

Berit Buontempo - PTA Secretary

Kerry Connolly - PTA Treasurer